Specialist Producers of Woodland Strawberries. For over 50 years Claude ARZAGOT and his team have worked to produce the finest quality Wild Strawberries.


Our Woodland Strawberries are raised naturally, in the open ground on a wheat straw mulch, in the fresh air. The fruit ripens under the Andalusian sun from October to late June.


From March onwards, Malaga’s early spring imparts our strawberries with a uniquely special aroma and flavour that meets the high expectations of our prestigious clients.


Specialist producers of Woodland Strawberries.

For more than 50 years Claude ARZAGOT and his team have worked to produce the best quality Wild Strawberries. Beginning in France near Bordeaux, production was switched to Malaga in Spain due to its exceptionally good climatic conditions.

The climate is dry and subtropical allowing the cultivation of Wild Strawberries outdoors in the open ground, ripening under the Malaga sun from October until the end of June, instead of under plastic tunnels as practised in other parts of Europe.

The ecosystem is maintained by the use of natural ‘bio-stimulants’ produced on the premises and based on herbal plants such as nettles, comfrey and tansy which activate the plant’s natural defense system against pests and diseases and by use of biological treatments using friendly predators to create a natural balance.

The expertise and attention to detail of « Claude ARZAGOT » and his team together with the favorable climate contribute to producing Woodland Strawberries with an exceptional aroma and flavour.

We transport our strawberries by air from Malaga in the passenger baggage section. The CO2 is equal to that of a local product .Our packaging is biodegradable.

Being Eco-responsible is an everyday opportunity for us all to reduce the impact of our behaviour on the environment. It is by taking simple measures: an easy step, and plain common sense…

Each day life gives us the opportunity to be eco-responsible.

The natural organic or ‘bio-dynamic’ methods we use create a natural eco-system , methods such as weeding by hand, use of organic fertilizers and treating pests and diseases by biological methods.

To maintain the eco equilibrium an enhanced level of surveillance is necessary.

  • Our Woodland Strawberries are grown in open ground on a thick layer of wheat straw.
  • We make our own fertilizers and plant extracts from plants we grow ourselves.
  • All our Strawberry Plants are selected and propagated on site and guaranteed not to be genetically modified.